Thursday, May 30, 2019

It might rain

We'll be there!

  • Remember a towel for Sara Park showers/beach.
  • TTT 103 has food stores at miles 52, 75, and 99.
  • TT 63 has food stores at 38 and 63.
  • Windmill 33 hits the ice cream at mile 28.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

TTT103 #3

    June 1st, 2019 @ 9AM
  • TTT 103: A gravel adventure from Tomahawk that features an extensive collection of remote gravel including the Pine Line and Hiawatha Trails.  
    • Lunch in Ogema (mile 52)
    • Timm's Hill Climb
    • Knox Mills Ghost Town
    • Tripoli Resupply (mile 75)
    • Ice Cream Shop Finale (mile 99)
  • TT 63: Wildwood way to Tripoli (mile 38) with ice cream and Hiawatha Trail.
  • Windmill 33: A shorter version over scenic county roads, remote gravel, and Hiawatha Trail.

  • This is an old school free gravel ride so be prepared to support yourself with whatever you can buy in Ogema, Tripoli, and the Windmill.  Use paper cue sheets, gpx above, or your phone to navigate because the course is not marked.
  • Sara Park has showers and a beach so bring a towel.
  • Sara Park has camping for $20.
  • All riders will check in at the Windmill "finish" on the way back and then spin down the bike path back to Sara Park.
  • We like Bambino's downtown for beer, pizza, and more ice cream afterwards.