Saturday, July 23, 2016

BURGR 95 #5

47 Miles
David Allen 3:20
Brad Gustafson 3:41

95.5 Miles
Joel Hynes 6:09
Russel Bernard 6:10
Randy Wegener 6:13
Paul Wagner 6:13
Beth Wagner 6:16
Chris Schotz 6:16
Robert Polic 6:18
Tim Jennings 7:26 Fat bike
Joe Kraznarich 7:26 Fat bike
Jason Dostal 7:50
Casey Hildebrand - bonus miles
Tom Normington - bonus miles

Thanks to Louise, Steve and Brian for being out there supporting us.

Thunderdown in the Underdown and WEMS Championship - October 8th
Prairie Dells Cross-Bike Enduro - This fall or next
2017 BURGR 95 and Fork Horners 47 - Saturday before Wausau24
TTT103 - Tomahawk, Timm's Hill, & Tripoli in 2017


  1. Thanks to all the folks that helped to plan and put on this event. The 47 mile route was nice—not much traffic and the gravel roads were in good shape.

  2. If anyone had any problems with the GPX files let me know. I heard the 95 worked OK but that there may have been a problem with the 47


  3. I think Google Maps that Ride With GPS uses has a few small roads that Garmin doesn't.